Scott Infanti - There is a Way - Music CD


ScottInfanti-front-400x300-dual.jpgThis is a compilation of Southern Gospel Music, created by a collaboration of talented musicians, including:

  • Paul Chapman - Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Mandolin
  • Shawn Pitzel - Piano/Organ
  • Roly Platt - Harmonica
  • Doug Johnson -Pedal Steel/Dobro
  • Kelly Jackson - Bass Guitar
  • Sean Perras - Drums/Percussion
  • Don Reed - Fiddle
  • John Felsman, Kirsen Jinkie, Jessica Crowe, Bill Webb, Jim Matt, Scott Infanti and Angel Boyle - Vocals

The CD was produced on the NOCMA record label.

Some short clips from the songs on this cd are provided below, click on the link to listen to a short clip of each song.  All clips are in a .mp3 format: