Rob Wagner - Country Music He Grew Up With - Music CD


Rob Wagner is an inductee into the Great Northern Opry.  This music CD has 9 of Rob's favourite songs from when he grew up in a very musical family, plus an original song written by Rob (Get On With Our Lives).

Rob is accompanied on this disc by Nick Porco (lead & rhythm guitars), Bill Wagner (lead guitar), Addie Metivier (steel guitar), Ron Schryer (fiddle), Ray Mador (bass guitar), Marty Frolick (keyboard & backing vocals), Steve Porco (drums), and Jamie Cameron (bass guitar).  The CD was produced and engineered by Mark Gough of Sir James Dunn Collegiate and Vocational School in Sault Ste. Marie.

The CD was produced in 2010 on the NOCMA record label.

Some short clips from the songs on this cd are provided below, click on the link to listen to a short clip of each song.  All clips are in a .mp3 format:

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