2018 Northern Ontario Country Music Awards Show DVD set


This two DVD set contains the award presentations, and songs sung by our 2018 Inductees to the Great Northern Opry, and the Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame.  The awards took place on Saturday November 3, 2018.  Also are performances by the M/C Al Mooney, and the band White Stallion.  Each DVD runs for approximately 55 minutes.

Great Northern Opry inductees on the DVD's are:

  • Vern Cheechoo
  • Mike Joseph
  • Don Gibbings
  • Earl Bell
  • Cheryl Robbins
  • Marc Serre, and
  • Darrin Johnson

Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees on the DVD's are:

  • Yvan Nadeau
  • Frank Robbins, &
  • Jeff Pyette

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Also available is the DVD set for Scott Infanti's Country Music Gospel Show.  Purchase both sets and save $10.  Just check the box below to add the Gospel Show set to your order for an additional $20 ($30 when purchased alone) 

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